• AOL version 9.0VR (Windows Vista Ready)

Follow these simple steps to receive our e-mails and replies in your inbox folder 100% of the time.

AOL version 9.0VR (Windows Vista Ready) users:
1. Click "Mail" from the menu bar, then select "Mail Center" at the bottom of the sub menu.

2. Mail Center screen appears

3. Under "Spam Controls", click "Be in control of your email"

4. "Mail and Spam Control" window opens

5. Click "Edit" the "Sender Filter" at the bottom (under "Additional Spam Filters")

6. From the Sender Filter window, select either:

• "Allow mail from all senders". If you select this option, you're done. Continue to steps 9 - 11 to save the changes. Or

• "Use a Custom Sender list". If you select this option, continue to point #7 below.

7. Click on the "Use a Custom Sender List" link

8. The "Custom Sender List" window appears

• Make sure you select the second option "Allow only the senders and domains listed below"

• In the space provided, enter this address: RentCalculators.org and Click "Add"

• To allow e-mail from AOL or your friends at AOL you also want to do the following...

• In the space provided, enter this address: "aol.com" and Click "Add"

• To accept e-mail from other domains add the other domains in the same way you did above for all of the domains or friends e-mail addresses you want to add.

• Click "Save" (on the Custom Sender List screen)

9. Click "Save" on the Sender Filter screen

10. Click "Save" on the Mail and Spam Controls screen

11. Close any remaining open windows and you're done!

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