• Eudora

Follow these simple steps to receive our e-mails and replies in your inbox folder 100% of the time.

Eudora users:
1. Go to "Tools" menu and choose "Filters" if you are using Windows. For the Mac, select "Window" then "Filters".

2. Click the "New" button to add a filter

3. Put checkmarks in the "Incoming" and "Manual" checkboxes

4. Select "From:" under the top Header pulldown list

5. Change the next pulldown that reads "contains" to "matches regexp (case insensitive)"

6. Enter RentCalculators.org in the text box provided.

7. At the "Action" section, select "Skip Rest" on the first pulldown to send our messages straight to your inbox

8. Go to "File", "Save" to apply your changes and close the filters window and you're done!

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