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The Support-Edu-Strong Wristband
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"Improving the level of education in the United States."

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About Us

Currently, RentCalculators is the most supported, trusted, and largest organization in the United States providing graphing calculator rentals to students, school staff, and faculty nationwide including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Alaska. As we respond to peers from all over the nation, we would like to extend our gratitude to the numerous academies, companies, and individuals who have contributed to this program’s existence and continue to support its stable accessibility.
Our Mission

We all know that a good education is a primary foundation for a good future. For most of us attending college was a fantastic experience, but, for some of us it was also about lots of hard work, low paying jobs, and saving every penny and nickel possible for school supplies, books, gas, food, and rent. With this concept in mind, we designed a program that would help students by providing them with essential hi-tech school supplies at a much lower and more affordable fee than their retail price, subsequently, making these school supplies truly accessible to everyone. Furthermore, we have carefully designed practical means to eventually make these school supplies accessible to students at no cost. – That’s our mission!
The Objective

According to a survey of 1,100 students from all regions of the United States, graphing calculators scored top ten among other categories of school supplies students believe are overpriced or too expensive. Thirty-two percent (32%) of these students said that when they needed a graphing calculator for school they either had a hard time coming up with the money to purchase a new one, had to gamble their luck by purchasing a used one on-line, had to borrow one from a friend, or simply tried passing their class without one.

Now, thanks to RentCalculators, students have access to graphing calculators for only $9.00 p/mo and are able to rent one with as little as $4.00 plus shipping (using their School-Discount-Code). We are positive that if enough people join forces the way we have planned, students in the United States will soon have access to essential hi-tech school supplies such as graphing calculators for free. And yes! You are right! Nothing comes for free, that is why we need your help. The formula is simple, if everyone contributes with their “grain of sand”, soon, we'll have an entire “beach” for everyone to enjoy. The formula works and is beneficial to everyone because not everyone goes to the beach at the same time!

In other words, the objective is to improve the level of education in the United States by improving the academic experience of students as they meet the economic challenges of obtaining a degree. Such challenges include affording to purchase all of their school supplies. We intend to address this issue in the area of technology, and more specifically, in the area of graphing calculators. To achieve this objective, we ask you to become part of the team, we ask you to help us make these items, which are crucial to the learning process of students, accessible to them at minimal fees and ultimately at no cost. Now, before you say “yes” and jump to the end, let us share with you our plan of action.
The Support-Edu-Strong Program

RentCalculators has given birth to the ‘Support-Edu-Strong’ navy-blue wristband. This popular wristband serves as a medium for raising funds in order to enable RentCalculators to gradually continue to lower its rental fees until they completely disappear. There are different ways of obtaining accountability from our students, so why charge them money when they need it the most.

Evidence of our intention and hands-on approach, is the creation of ‘School-Discount-Codes’ which are sponsored 100% by the ‘Support-Edu-Strong’ navy blue wristband. ‘School-Discount-Codes’ currently provide $5.00 towards the first month of any graphing calculator rental. ‘School-Discount-Codes’ are available to all students in the United States, and will put a one hundred dollar graphing calculator in your hands with only $4.00 plus $3.95 shipping. In addition to ‘School-Discount-Codes,’ the ‘Support-Edu-Strong’ navy blue wristband also sponsors all of the school supplies we currently give away.

So, if you truly believe that improving the level of education in the United States is important, and believe that we can achieve this goal together by providing students from all walks of life equal access to essential school supplies, then, show your support by wearing the ‘Support-Edu-Strong’ navy blue wristband!
This Year's Goal

Our goal this year is to drop the first month’s rental fee of all graphing calculators down to $0.00. To make this possible, we must send out at least 65,000 ‘Support-Edu-Strong’ navy-blue wristbands. By making a small donation of only $3.00, you will help us help other students the same way we hopefully helped you and you will take us three big steps closer to our goal! We will ship your ‘Support-Edu-Strong’ navy blue wristband for free and you will be able to show the world that YOU SUPPORT EDUCATION STRONG too! In addition, we will also add your name to our on-line acknowledgment database to be seen in the website on the future. Thank you for your support!
To show your support, click on any of the orange buttons provided below.
PayPal and all major cards are accepted.

Use this button if you already have a ‘Support-Edu-Strong’ navy blue wristband and would like to show your support or, if your donation is less than $3.00

Thank you!

Any Amount!

1. And get your name added to the acknowledgment database

Thank you!


1. Receive the ‘Support-Edu-Strong’ navy-blue wristband
2. Free Shipping
3. And get your name added to the acknowledgment database

Thank you!Thank you!


1. Receive the ‘Support-Edu-Strong’ navy-blue wristband
2. Receive the RentCalculators Classic Wood 6" HQ Ruler
3. Free Shipping
4. And get your name added to the acknowledgment database

Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!

$10.00 or More!

1. Receive the ‘Support-Edu-Strong’ navy-blue wristband
2. Receive the RentCalculators Classic Wood 6" HQ Ruler
3. Receive a package of 8 High Quality Dixon Ticonderoga No.2 Pencils
4. Free Shipping
5. And get your name added to the acknowledgment database

If you would like to provide your donation with a check, please make it payable to:
Mailing address:
RC Donations
PO BOX 1774
NORWALK, CA 90651-1774.
Upon request, all supporters will receive an official receipt for the amount of the donation.

Thank you for your support!

Best Wishes,
The RentCalculators Team

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