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“I am very happy with you guys. I asked my teacher for our school discount code and I basically rented the TI-84 Plus which goes for $10.00 p/month with only $5.00. I received the calculator in 2 days, I paid $3.95 for shipping and my total out of pocket expense to have this calculator ON MY HANDS was only $8.95… The incredible thing is that RentCalculators is located on the West Coast and I am located on the East Coast. I give you guys an A+ …many thanks!” – Moses DuLaney

“Nice experience you all.” – Melissa Hulett

“I received my TI-89 Titanium on time and I am so glad you guys deliver what you promise because I have a test coming up and depending on you made me very nervous! <3 XOXOXO.” – Lily Vega

“RentCalculators was great help. I would use the service again if needed.” – Karen Nelson

“I just received my calculator today and I'm so excited! I know it sounds corny but I was really thrilled about getting the calculator and having the process go so smoothly. I desperately needed one for my math class on-line and none of my friends had a graphing calculator which was sad and I had left mine back at home (in another state). I just wanted to say thanks for having such a great program that not only helps students to succeed with the right tools but to save this particular college student money. Plus I purchased your navy blue wristband and I am wearing it right now! Thanks again for everything.” – Julie Titus

“I’m excited because I gave RentCalculators my school discount code and they just credited my bank account $5.00… I can go buy myself lunch now!” – Rosita Arenas

“My instructor gave me one of those plastic rulers you guys send out to schools. I just want to know what kind of plastic is that??? The thing just won’t brake! Lol… Not that I want to brake it but it’s awesome! As far as the calc, I received it next day because I ordered it with express mail and so far everything looks good. Your staff is very nice too. Thank you!” – Nicole Arreola

“So far, my students are very pleased with your service. Thank you.” – Dr. Lewandowski

“I received my ti-84 plus calculator rental today. It looks new! Thank you so much!” – Araceli Chanona

“Fast, easy, inexpensive and helpful! I didn't want to buy one as it's only needed right now for a PSAT test. Being able to rent one is fantastic! The speed I received the calculator was amazing; the customer service was impressive; the cost savings awesome! THANK YOU! I would definitely recommend to anyone!” – Janis Sokoloski

“The service I received was topnotch, I will recommend it to all my friends and classmates.” – Natalie Yanez

“This is the second time we rent a calculator. (I'm the father of a student at Kennesaw State University who is taking calculus, but who will probably have no use for a graphing calculator after this course.) We received the calculator promptly and it works great. This is a great service and I was happy to make a $5.00 contribution. Congratulations on helping students and for saving me the expense of purchasing a calculator.” – Tim Day

"Thank you for offering this service, I've heard good things about you all." – Mr. Sholtis

“Thank you for sending the calculator so fast! I received it just on time, two days before my test … I know I know I shouldn’t wait till da last minute but that’s just me.” – Nancy Rivas

“I couldn't afford to place my order without knowing if my calculator was going to arrive on time. I needed a calculator by the next day before 4:00 pm! So, I checked the estimated time of arrival with your express service, placed my order and received my graphing calc the next day at 11:00 am. WOW!!!!!! Now I know why is called Express Mail!” – Angie Fisher

“I received the calculator fast and in time before my class started. It was a big help and I was able to get an A in class.” – Ceria Reeves

"I ordered my TI-83 plus graphing calculator rental in 5 minutes, SAVED $50.00, received it in ONE DAY, got a FREE RULER, received a $5.00 CREDIT (by providing my "school-discount-code" which I got from my teacher), and if that wasn't enough, during the middle of the semester, I exchanged the TI-83+ rental they had sent me for a TI-84+ (using their “Calculator Exchanges” option) which worked out good and got a "B" in my math class!!! (I know I could have done a little better) But, I loved it!!! I would personally recommend this site to EVERYONE who needs a Texas Instruments graphing calculator for a class or who simply wants to try out the different models before purchasing one (that’s what I did). I give RentCalculators 5 stars all the way, every day and twice on Sunday!" – Melvin Royce

“I would like to recognize all of your efforts. As a contributor, it makes me proud.” – Dr. Rangel

“For an international student like me was a great incentive to take that math class I had been postponing due to the additional cost of the calculator. Thank you.” – Azyadeth Beling

“I’d like to thank the people who make this program possible. God bless you all.” – Danielle Hamilton

“I wear the ‘Support-Edu-Strong’ wristband everyday to show my support! You guys are awesome, thank you.” – Dionne Felder

“I saved over $50.00 being able to rent rather than buy a calculator I would never need again. It arrived on time and was easy to return. My account questions were answered promptly and professionally. Thank you for your service!” – Barbara Steiner

“When I read my syllabus and it said that I could rent a calculator on-line I thought it was cute and I gave it a shot. The thing said “simple, fast, and easy” … it sure was. Also, customer service was very professional and I got my calculator right on time.” – Christine Beustelespacher

“I donated $10.00 to support RentCalculators. Great people, thank you for the program.” – Linda Martinez

“My biggest concern was to be satisfied with this transaction, so before placing my order, I e-mailed a few questions. The following day I received a reply with a positive and reassuring response to each one of my questions. I have to admit that the service offers is awesome! 110% SATISFIED.” – James Shelton

“RentCalculators is an excellent program for us that just take one or two math classes. I will definitely recommend you guys!” – David Ochoa

“Your 24hrs/7days toll free hotline is fantastic! I listened to it as I was driving to work at 5:30am and got all my questions answered without even looking at your website! - Awesome and convenient alternative to obtaining fast and precise details about the program, great for busy people like me, thanks.” – Mario Benitez

“When I submitted the form to participate on the ‘Free School Supplies’ I didn’t think I was actually going to be one of the winners. Today, I received my FREE TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator! All I have to say is that ROCKS!!!” – Chris Salcido

“I love programs like these. Using the online guidebook is awesome too, it save me time and space in my backpack.” – Kelly White

“I was researching calculators prices online when I came across this website. I took a chance and I am very happy with my decision to rent a calculator! It was easy, cheap and the delivery was so fast! Thanks a lot!” – Lin Lee

“I rented a TI-89 graphing calculator and kept it for one semester. Before sending it back, my little sister found out she was going to need a TI-83 Plus. With this in mind, we decided to try the “Calculator Exchanges”. Everything worked out perfectly! It was easy, convenient and fast. Highly recommended.” – Lisa Kessler

“I would have to say that working at Citibank has taught me to read the “Terms of Service” of all service companies I contract with and your Terms of Service Agreement is one of the clearest, most specific and open service agreements I’ve read. Taking a few minutes to read it sure made my calculator renting experience a pleasure.” – Erin Garner

“I almost fainted when I found this program! I couldn’t believe the expensive graphing calculator I needed for class was available for only a few bucks a month! This is the best thing ever!!!” – Jackie Fuentes

“Extraordinary experience, from the day I placed my order until the day I return the calculator and my account was closed.” – Emmanuel Atencio

“I procrastinated getting a calculator for my algebra class and was getting concerned about not being able to complete homework assignments and quizzes without it. I received my TI-84 Plus calculator in just a couple of days after I placed my order and I am immensely thankful.” – Brenda Pinnell.

“Thank you RentCalculators you are a lifesaver!” – Anthony Payton.

“This was a total blessing to me! Financially, I could not afford to purchase one of these TI-83 Plus calculators but finding out about your website made it possible.” – Tanesha King.

“Thank you very much for the use of this equipment. It kept me from having to purchase a calculator for a class that I would never use again.” – Kevin Needham.

“As the parent of two college students, and a student myself, I was thrilled to be able to rent a calculator for my calculus class. What a wonderful thing you do, thank you so much!” – Joanne Tackett.

"The calculator worked perfectly and I got an "A" in my class. Thank you for the excellent and fast service!” – Young Hu.

"Hello, I want to take a minute to thank you for all the support you have provided to our school. Renting these TI-83 Plus calculators is very convenient to all my students. We posted your website in our Math & Science Department. Thanks again.” – Mr. Ellison.

"I just got my shiny TI-83 Plus rental today. I love it! =)” – Watanabe Akemi.

“Thank you for answering all my questions and shipping the calculator as promised. It arrived just on time for my math test. I am definitely recommending u guys to all my friends.” – Edward Green

"I want to thank my professor Mr. Allen for telling me about and everyone who made this program possible. Thank you.” – Andrew Mendoza.

"This program is a great source of help to all my students who need, but, can't afford to buy the calculator. Thank you.” – Mr. Anderson.

“I am a bit computer illiterate and messed up with my order and then got frustrated and called and sent about 10 e-mails. You guys were so nice and took care of me well. I want to thank everyone who helped me. I have been spreading your website around to everyone that I know who needs a calculator! Thanks for your excellent customer service and putting up with my BS!” – Sam Gium

"Great program, great service, fast shipping. Thank you. My students love you guys. And GREAT links by the way...” – Mr. Rodriguez.

"Hello, my name is Bianca Avila and I wanted to thank you guys for my calculator and the fast shipping.” God bless you.

“I want to thank your staff for the great service. I had tons of questions and every single one them was answered. The whole process from questions to renting the calculator was easy and I received the calculator in 3 days! I am very satisfied with the service you have. I'll definitely recommend it to my friends.” – Atsushi Hideshima

"Hugs and kisses to everyone at RentCalculators. From a bunch of sexy students at the California State University of Long Beach !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

"Fast shipping, reliable people and great calculator! We are very thankful.” – Mario Mass.

"I ordered my calculator Tuesday at 9:30am and received it today, Thursday, WOW!!!! =)” – Leticia Salgado.

"My TI 83 graphing calculator arrived faster than I expected. Thank You.” – Ah Lun Lee.

"Thank you for offering this great program.” – Sincerely, Dr. Williams.

“You people are awesome! Great service...convenient...and reliable. My old calculator broke and I really needed one for my class but didn't want to spend a lot of money for a new TI-83 plus and thank God I stumbled upon to this site. I would definitely recommend this! Muchas gratci!!! – Mari-Lee Flestado

“Thank you for shipping my TI83 graphing calculator rental SO FAST! You guys really take that seriously.” – Lorena Colin.

"I'm glad my counselor told me about this program, I saved a bunch of money!” – Hugo Torres.

"We are very pleased with the service this program provided. Thank you.” – Angel & Crystal.

"It's nice to know that there are still people out there that care about us students. Thank you” – Sincerely, Cecilia Munoz.

"Hello, I would like to thank you for being so reliable and making these calculators arrive at their destinations on time, time after time ... especially during finals. Thank you.” – A. Lindsey.

"I am very happy with my calculator and want to thank, thank you.” – Truly yours, Deanna Moreno.

“To the founder of RentCalculators; Thanks to this program I was able to take my calculus class this summer. Thank you so much!!!” – Jay Geu Oh.

" represents what true non-profit programs do for our communities. We decided to donate a large amount of calculators because we truly believe education should be more affordable. Keep up the good work guys.” – Sergio M. IMWC Inc.

"Affordable fee, fast service and an excellent experience. Thank you.” – Roselle Ramirez.

"I wish everything could be fixed with $9.00. What a wonderful world this would be. Thanks.” – Paola De La Carat.

“Best experience with RentCalculators. The staff was extremely helpful and accommodating... “I’LL BE BACK”… I recommend this site to anyone!” – Colleen Laffey

"Thank you for making these calculators so accessible to everyone. We received our calculators today!” – Linda and Kevin Morass.

“My experience with rentcalculators has been very pleasant thus far. I never heard of renting a calculator and certainly didn't know that company that did just that existed. My calculator arrived earlier than expected and I received a student discount (refund) on the 1st month in a timely fashion. The calculator is like new and works great. I am very satisfied with the service and product and will definitely recommend to others.” – Montreal Jordan

"I want to thank my friend Monica for telling me about and to everyone who made this program possible. Thank you.” – Wendy Milian.

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