Students, get a $5.00 credit!
School Staff and Faculty, request your School-discount-code at the bottom of the page.

Did you know that as a student you are entitled to receive $5.00 towards the first month of any graphing calculator rental? This is in addition to the already lowered “Student Rates!”

All academic entities in the US ranging from Middle Schools, Junior Highs, High Schools, Colleges, Universities, Vocational, and Technical institutions (public and private), have their own unique “School-discount-code” for RentCalculators. That code is good for every single one of its students and does NOT expire. These codes work like coupons, are free to obtain, and are great for all students because they provide money towards the first month of any graphing calculator rental. This means that students who provide their “School-discount-code” when placing their order (or within 15 days from the day the order is submitted) may rent a graphing calculator such as the TI-83 Plus for an entire month with only $4.00.

As you may already know, only staff and faculty (school employees and professors, lecturers, instructors, teachers, and teacher assistants) may request School-discount-codes directly from us - by simply submitting the quick form provided at the bottom of this page. The reason why only staff and faculty may request School-discount-codes directly from us is because this helps minimize excessive repeated calls that trigger busy signals and e-mails overload, common when everyone goes back to school. In addition, this practice helps us focus resources on true (legitimate) students.

If for any reason your school staff or your professor do not remember your School-discount-code, you may simply forward this page to them and ask him/her to request it by submitting the quick form provided at the bottom of this page. Once the form is submitted, they will receive your school’s code within one business day via e-mail and he/she may then provide that information to you or your class. Once they have your School-discount-code they will never need to request another one again, the same School-discount-code may be used over and over again by all members of your school.

Click here to forward this page along with the following message to your professor (don’t forget to feel in the blanks with your info!).

Dear professor ----- ,

My name is ----- and I am in your ----- class.

Would you be kind enough to provide me with our School-discount-code for

This is the code that helps students in our school who wish to rent a graphing calculator save more money. Once you send it to me, the code will deduct $5.00 off my first month’s rent. If you don’t remember the code at the moment or you don’t have it with you, would you please be nice enough and request it by submitting the quick form at the following link? This code is only provided to school staff and faculty.

Thank you so much!

School-discount-codes (1-9)

1. What are they for?
School-discount-codes provide students with money towards the first month of any graphing calculator rental.

2. Who can use them?
School-discount-codes may be used and are available to all students in the United States from all levels of education.

3. How do I get mine?
Students may obtain their School-discount-code from professors, lecturers, instructors, teachers, teacher assistants and school staff. Faculty and school staff may request School-discount-codes directly from us by submitting the quick form provided at the bottom of this page.

4. When or how do I use it?
Simply provide your School-discount-code when asked while placing your order on-line or over the phone.
If you already placed your order, you have 15 days from the day you placed your order to get your School-discount-code and provide it to us to get your $5.00 credit.

5. When does it expire?
School-discount-codes do NOT expire and may be used over and over again by any and all students of that school.

6. When do I get my $5.00?
Your five dollars are credited to your account when your order is processed and your School-discount-code verified.

7. Is it required to rent a calculator?
No. You may rent a graphing calculator even if you do not have a School-discount-code.

8. What is the difference between the “Student-Rates” and the “School-discount-codes?”
“Student Rates” are lower than “Regular Rates,” they provide a lower monthly rate to students and they apply to every single month until your account is closed. School-discount-codes on the other hand, provide you with money towards the first month only.

9. Can I combine the Student-Rate with the School-discount-code?
Yes, but only on the first month. The table below provides an example.

aTI-84 Plus a
aaaTI-86 aaa
aaaTI-89 aaa
With Regular Rate $10.95 $11.95 $12.95 $13.95
With Student Rate $9.00 $10.00 $11.00 $12.00
*With Student Rate & a School-discount-code $4.00 $5.00 $6.00 $7.00

*Your School-discount-code gives you $5.00 towards the first month ONLY.

School Staff and Faculty may request your School-discount-code by submitting this quick form:
For your protection, all personal information submitted through this form is kept confidential.
All inquiries are individually reviewed and our response time is usually one day, except weekends and federal holidays.
To learn how to receive our e-mail replies in your inbox folder 100% of the time, click here.

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