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This free on-line graphing calculator is available to you 24hrs / 7days a week. This free online graphic calculator requires no subscription, no downloading, no soft-ware, and has no advertising. When you click on the link, a new window opens. If the calculator doesn't load right away close the new window and click on the link again. Once the window is open you may resize it or maximize it to fit your screen.
Click to open: also has calculators for rent and is a good alternative
This company allows you to use a real Texas Instruments graphing calculator free for one month. Visit their website for details.

On-line Guidebook / Manual for TI-83 Plus
On-line Guidebook / Manual for TI-84 Plus
On-line Guidebook / Manual for TI-86
On-line Guidebook / Manual for TI-89 Titanium

Free Powerful Student Tips

What Every Student Should Know
Tips for achieving your goals
Tips for avoiding procrastination
Tips for becoming a successful learner
Tips for brainstorming
Tips for continuing education
Tips for developing will power and discipline
Tips for learning
Tips for managing and organizing tasks
Tips for managing stress
Tips for motivating yourself
Tips for practicing good manners
Tips for prioritizing tasks
Tips for problem solving
Tips for thinking aloud
Tips for thinking critically
Tips for thinking like a genius
Tips for time management
Tips for visual learners
Tips for waking up early
Classroom Participation Tips
Tips for classroom discussions
Tips for getting on your teacher's good side
Tips for interviewing for class projects
Tips for paying attention
Tips for preparing for the classroom
Tips for taking notes in lectures
Learning with others Tips
Tips for active listening
Tips for giving constructive feedback
Tips for problem based learning
Tips for studying in groups
Math Tips
Tips for all Math students
Tips for studying Mathematics
Tips for taking Math tests
On-line Learning Tips
Tips for developing your website
Tips for evaluating website content
Tips for making your website popular
Tips for practicing good e-mail etiquette
Tips for taking online courses
Preparing for Tests Tips
Tips for anticipating test content
Tips for cramming and allnighters
Tips for overcoming test anxiety
Tips for studying for a test or final
Tips for taking the ACT exam
Project Management Tips
Tips for completing on-line class assignments
Tips for developing case studies
Tips for presenting projects and speeches
Tips for public speaking
Reading & Note-Taking Tips
Tips for better note taking with the KWL method
Tips for better reading with the SQ3R method
Tips for learning speed reading
Tips for marking and underlining
Tips for reading better and faster
Tips for reading critically
Tips for reading difficult material
Tips for taking notes from a text book
Tips for taking notes in ANY class
Tips for taking notes in MATH class
Research Tips
Tips for creating note cards
Tips for searching on the internet
Tips for writing research papers
Tips for writing your term paper
Science and Technology Tips
Tips for understanding the scientific method
Tips for writing lab reports and scientific papers
Studying Tips
Tips for action learning
Tips for concentrating
Tips for Index - A study system
Tips for memorizing
Tips for studying for tests
Tips for studying with flash cards
Taking Tests Tips
Tips for taking essay tests
Tips for taking multiple choice tests
Tips for taking open book tests
Tips for taking oral tests
Tips for taking short answer tests
Tips for taking tests in general
Tips for taking True / False tests
Writing Tips
Tips for writing assignments
Tips for writing under pressure

Free Academic Resources (external links)

Interactive guidebook/s & Manual/s
A-Z Guide to Texas Instrument Graphing Calculators
Basic Operations for TI-83+, TI-84+, and TI-86.
Intro to TI-83 Plus programming.
TI program download instructions
Test Dates, Registration Deadlines, and Fees: SAT, SAT II, PSAT, AP, and ACT Exams
ACT Calendar, Test Dates, Registration Deadlines, and Fees
AP Calendar, Test Dates, Registration Deadlines, and Fees
PSAT Calendar, Test Dates, Registration Deadlines, and Fees
SAT / SAT II Calendar, Test Dates, Registration Deadlines, and Fees
Academic Associations & Organizations: Non-profit, public, and private
American Association of Physics Teachers
American Mathematical Association
American Mathematical Society
American Statistical Association
Financial Management Association
Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership
Mathcounts - Promoting Math Achievement
Mathematical Association of America
National Alliance of Black School Educators
National Association of Secondary School Principals
National Association of Biology Teachers
National Association of Elementary School Principals
National Council for the Social Studies
National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics
National Council of Teachers of English
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
National Middle School Association
National School Board Association
National Science Foundation
National Science Teachers Association
Office of Science for Teachers and Scientists
Real Estate Educators Association - Top educator sites
TI activities and training
U.S. Department of Education

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