Tips for avoiding procrastination

Acknowledge the truth.
Is your procrastination related to a project or is it a habit? Often, the trigger of procrastination is not having a clear view of what the immediate next step is. Begin by clarifying the following:
• Your main OBJECTIVE.

• The GOALS that must be accomplished before attaining your objective.

• The STEPS that must be accomplished before attaining your goals.

• The TASKS that must be accomplished before attaining your steps.

Once you’ve clarified the above
Create a Daily To-Do list were you list today’s menu. Then prioritize them and make sure that each task focuses on the next immediate step. Your tasks should begin with an action word and be followed by the next immediate step.
Bad example:
001: To try hard and get an “A” in my class.
(This is a Goal not a task and it is vague. Furthermore, this goal should be broken down)

Good example:
001: Finish today’s homework.

Reviewing this information daily should give you the necessary bust you need to keep on keeping on.
Remember that your energy lies where your interests are.

Just stay focused, review your stuff daily, track it regularly, and edit it as needed.

Remember that even the longest journey begins with one step.

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