Tips for better note taking with the KWL method

The KWL is a very popular method for taking notes
Basically, you divide the page into three sections and label each one as follows:

01. What I KNOW:
02. What I WANT to know:
03. What I LEARNED:

Here's an example:

01. What I KNOW:
• First dog went into outer space in 1957-?

• Sent by Russia.

• May have been on a postage stamp.

• Space ship named "Sputnik."

02. What I WANT to know:
• More information about the first dog in space.

• What was his or her name?

• Why was a dog sent into space?

03. What I LEARNED:
• Laika was the first creature to be sent into space.

• She was launched into space aboard "Sputnik 2" on Nov. 3, 1957.

• The reason was to find out if living creatures could survive in a space shuttle.

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