Tips for getting on your teacher's good side

It has been said that communication is the mother of all skills…
(We believe there is some validity to that statement.)

How you communicate with your professor, to a certain degree, affects how well you do in a course. In general, professors are likely to be impressed with students who show a genuine interest in their course material and ask good questions. The best way to get on your professor's good side is to be an "interested" student.

The following are some strategies to demonstrate your interest:
Be on time:
Show up to class at least 5 minutes early. Here’s a taste of real life: Five minutes early is “On time” On time is “Late” and Late is “Fired.”

Do your homework:
Hand in all assignments on time throughout the semester.

Stay focused:
Focus on, and discuss, the material and your understanding of it.

Let the teacher know what you appreciate about the course and provide constructive feedback if necessary.

Be positive:
Smile and maintain a positive attitude.

Practice active listening:
Listen attentively when your professor and others speak.

Don’t argue:
Avoid arguing at all costs. Instead focus on communicating effectively.

Be honest with yourself and others:
If you are wrong, admit it quickly and emphatically.

Be polite:
Ask questions rather than give orders.

During class-discussions see the teacher's and your classmate’s point of view.

Share your academic goals:
Let the teacher know that you sincerely want to do well in the course.

Be prepared:
To fail to prepare is to prepare to fail! - Always have the course textbook in hand whenever you see the instructor (just in case it is needed or he/she wants to share something important with you). Also, make sure you’re always prepared with all of the necessary school supplies needed for that class.

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