Tips for Index - A study system

Here is a method of studying that gives you an accurate perception of how well you know the material, and forces you to think about it, rather than just look over it.
One of the study systems that an individual may consider using in order to study for a particular exam, interview, or other similar purpose is the Index Study System. The Index Study System is a process for studying a particular topic by making flashcards from the information in the individual's notes or textbook.

This system is a very effective way for an individual to study for virtually any exam especially if the individual is a visual or tactile learner as it allows the individual to read, write, and review the material by creating and using visual aids.

This system is also a very effective system for individuals that only have a limited amount of time available, as an individual can transport the flashcards easily and study them whenever there is time.

However, it is important to note that this system works best if the individual has in-depth notes for the exam or if the individual has a detailed outline or other handout that explains each topic covered on the exam so the individual is already aware of the material that he or she needs to study.

Step 01:
Review your notes and readings frequently, so the material is "fresh."
Step 02:
As you're reading your text or reviewing your notes, write down questions about the material. Imagine you're teaching the course. What questions would you ask on the exam?
Step 03:
Keep track of any terms you need to know
Step 04:
Try the index card system

The Index card system:
Step 01:
Write each question or term on the back of an index card
Step 02:
On the front of each index card, write an answer or an explanation for the question or term on the back. Use your notes and text for a reference, but put the answer or explanation in your own words whenever possible.
Step 03:
Shuffle the index cards so you can't figure out any answers based on their location in the deck.
Step 04:
Look at the card on the top of the deck. Try to answer the question or explain the term. If you know it, great! Put it on the bottom of the deck. If you don't know it, look at the answer, and put it a few cards down in the deck (so you'll come back to it soon).
Step 05:
Proceed through the deck of cards until you know all of the information

Tip 01:
Carry your cards with you everywhere.
Tip 02:
Take advantage of little pockets of time.
Tip 03:
Test yourself while you're waiting on line, riding the bus, etc.
Tip 04:
If you think you know an answer, but, can't put it into words, you probably don't know it well enough.
Tip 05:
Explaining the information is a good way to be sure that you know it. It's also a good way to prevent test anxiety.
Tip 06:
Test yourself someplace where nobody can see you and recite the answers out loud. That's the best way to be sure that you can explain them.
Tip 07:
Study with a friend from your class. You can share ideas and help each other out with concepts. You can use each other to make sure that you're explaining your answers adequately

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