Tips for reading difficult material

Challenge yourself to read the unreadable!
When faced with a reading assignment that seems above your level--whether it's a couple of pages, a short article or an entire book--it's easy to feel overwhelmed and like giving up.

The following 7 Tips will tell you what you need to know to tackle your assignment like a pro!
Tip 01: Read the table of content and an outside source to provide context.
Decide if you have enough background to begin reading. Get a grasp of how the material is organized. If you need more background, get an additional source.

Tip 02: Look for main ideas.
Look for titles, headings, and subheadings. Pick out rules, standards, tests, exception and hypothetical. Utilize graphs, charts, and diagrams.

Tip 03: Look up words.
Look up words whose meanings are important to your understanding of the material, but you cannot discern from the context.

Tip 04: Monitor your comprehension.
Periodically stop and ask yourself, "What have I learned?" Connect this to what you already know.

Tip 05: Reread.
If you do not comprehend an idea, go back and reread. Restate difficult ideas in your own words.

Tip 06: Read to the end.
Do not get discouraged and stop reading. Ideas can become clearer the more you read. When you finish reading, review to see what you have learned, and reread those ideas that are not clear.

Tip 07: Write while you read.
Underline, make notes, and/or write summaries that help you concentrate while you read.

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