Tips for taking notes in MATH class

Here are a couple of tips for taking notes in Math class.
Tip 01: What is today’s topic?
Write down the "title" of the lesson. If you don't know, ask the teacher.

Tip 02: Summarize the process:
Write down the math problem and each step in the solution using math symbols. Next to each step write down "in your own words" exactly what you are doing.

Tip 03: Write down a "question mark" next to anything you don't understand.
Ask the teacher to explain the parts where you have written your "question marks". Don't just "let it go" thinking that you will figure it out later. Many times, it doesn't happen.

Tip 04: Overview:
When you get home, before you start your homework, "highlight in color" the titles you have written in your notes. The highlighted information will help to give you the "big picture" of what you are doing.

Tip 05: Practice, practice, practice!
Remember, do all homework problems, not just some of them!

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