Tips for taking short answer tests

A good student must master all types of tests including short answer tests.
A completion or short answer test is one that requires the applicant to create a response in the form of one or more words or phrases. A short answer question is designed to that correct answer is the only correct answer or clearly the best answer. One common type of short answer question is one where the question is in the form of an incomplete sentence. The test taker must "complete" the sentence by filling in the missing word or phrased.

Short answer tests require recall, minimize guessing, are simple to develop and score, and can sample a lot of material. They are limited, however, to testing lower levels of complexity or difficulty and scoring must usually be done by hand.

6 Tips you must know before taking your next short answer test:
Tip 01. Use flashcards:
Writing the key terms, dates and concepts on the front and the definition, event, and explanations on the back.

Tip 02. Anticipate:
Try to anticipate questions that will be asked on the test and prepare for them. Usually what your instructor emphasizes in class will be on the test.

Tip 03. Try not to leave an answer blank:
Show your work/write down your thoughts, even if you don't get the exact answer, partial credit is usually awarded.

Tip 04. Stay in motion:
If you don't know the answer, come back to it after you finish the rest of the test and make an educated guess. Other parts of the test may give you clues to what the answer may be.

Tip 05. Ask questions:
If you can think up of more than one answer for a question, ask the instructor what to do.

Tip 06. Pay attention:
Read the question carefully and make sure that you answer everything that it asks for. Some short answer questions have multiple parts.

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